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Sinusitis and You

We all know that sound when someone is scratching their throat or trying to scratch their nose while simultaneously clearing their throat. Ugghh! If you’re curious enough to ask them what’s wrong the answer will most likely be; “I have sinus!” or “Mi sinus a bodda me!” They’re not wrong, but not entirely right either.Continue reading “Sinusitis and You”

Mommy, Baby & Mental Health (Natural Remedies for Postpartum Depression)

“She nuh fi have pickney!” “Women always use postpartum stress to play the victim when dem cyan tek care of dem pickney” Comments like these are shouted far and wide when news breaks of a mother neglecting her child. From babies left in parked cars to mothers causing them intentional physical harm; these actions areContinue reading “Mommy, Baby & Mental Health (Natural Remedies for Postpartum Depression)”

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